Thomas O'Brien, Aero Studios & Copper Beech

Thomas O’Brien is an interior and home furnishings designer and author based in New York City and Long Island. He is the founder of Aero Studios, one of America’s leading design firms, and the creator of popular home furnishings from lighting, furniture, and carpets to tableware and unique ranges of accessories. At heart, he is a lifelong collector who brings together things old, new, and from all parts of the globe, as a shopkeeper in his own stores. In 1992 Thomas opened Aero, his original store, as the retail extension of his studio. In 2016 he and his husband, designer Dan Fink, opened a modern country general store and gourmet market, Copper Beech, in the seaside Long Island village of Bellport. Equal parts hometown, nautical and classically French in inspiration, Copper Beech celebrates the pairing of home and travel in a hand-picked assortment of goods, gifts, and culinary favorites for the household, kitchen, and garden.

The Bandana Indigo Dot by MUUR is one of his SIX PICKS

“The  Bandana Indigo Dot, I collect bandanas and handkerchiefs of all kinds. This is my true favorite.”

Name an item that you can’t seem to keep in stock

Bandanas and beautiful textiles from MUUR.”